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Welcome to Cutaway Creations

We can create a visually intriguing cutaway display that will reveal the inner workings of any mechanical or electro-mechanical product. Just imagine the impact that a Cutaway Creations display will have at your next trade show, training class or special event.

About Us

At Cutaway Creations, our skilled technicians can perform extraordinarily detailed cuts and apply flawless finishes to highlight virtually any product, large or small. We can also add labels, special lighting and innovative pointing devices, or even LCD monitors for a video loop, to create a display that can speak for itself.

While we've produced highly complex displays for some of the largest companies in the automotive industry, we are also happy to tackle the smallest jobs with the same commitment to quality and service. Whether you need a full-vehicle cutaway for an international auto show, an intricate display of a small component for a museum exhibit, or a simple working "animated" model for technical training, Cutaway Creations can deliver.


We pride ourselves on innovative executions and the finest quality work, plus on-time delivery, even under demanding deadlines. Please take a look at our project galleries for examples of our work, and contact us to find out how Cutaway Creations can bring your products to life.

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